Installation of your used TRUMPF machine according to standards and specifications

At the customer site, the machine is unloaded with a truck crane or overhead crane.
Unloading of the machine from the truck is performed with the help of standardized transport and lifting equipment. We provide them for every type of machine.

mteg services installation, commissioning, transport of your used TRUMPF sheet metal machine

The transport into the production hall is carried out with heavy load rollers and forklift trucks, an installation box with the necessary accessories is supplied with the machine.

If the machine has arrived at its future location, the installation starts in accordance with the layout and the machine specific installation conditions. The installation includes the mounting of individual machine components (e.g. electrical cabinets, water cooler, compact dust extractor, etc.) and the wiring of all machine parts.


Quality check during commissioning of your used TRUMPF machine

Commissioning starts with levelling and adjusting the machine and its components. By means of different test programs, the accuracy is checked and set.

You receive a fully functional machine within the technologies of lasering, punching, bending or punch laser combination, which is subject to extensive tests and approved for production.

mteg TRUMPF quality check during commissioning of your used TRUMPF machine

After that the production start is assisted by our service technician. For this purpose, the individual customer programs are processed and the course of processing is reviewed.

Commissioning is completed when both our responsible service technician and the customer have signed the acceptance protocol.

This guarantees the tested functionality of the machine.