Your success is our future

Those of us who are selling sophisticated technology need to be extremely conscious of the customer’s needs. We therefore offer a comprehensive service that gives our customers the peace of mind of having a competent and reliable partner at their side. After all, the right machinery can often be a decisive factor in the success or failure of a company. And we attach very great importance to the success of our customers. 

mteg philosophie Befuss project

It is our aim to expand and to increase sales. But only by following the principle of ‘quality first’ the profit will increase in the long run.

Because only satisfied customers remain loyal customers. They also relay their positive experience to others. You can always rely on our professionalism and solidity. 

Our customers deserve the best.

Quality needs structure

mteg philosophy quality needs structure

A clearly laid out company organisation with the necessary processes and structures provide the basis for our everyday work. 

The quality of our machines and services is our top priority and the essential task of every employee.

In our pleasant working environment we ensure there is enough scope for our employees to develop creative ideas and offer them further training at the highest level. 

Environmentally friendly methods

mteg philosophy environmentally friendly methods

We all need a healthy and intact environment. This is something we always respect when making decisions.

Like every other company, we have a special commitment to the environment and to our employees. 

We gladly accept this responsibility, for instance by using environmentally friendly methods when refurbishing machines.