mteg project TRUMPF TC L 3050, TRUMPF LiftMaster, STOPA TKL Twin Tower Storage System

Project scope
TRUMPF TC L 3050-5 kW 
TRUMPF Liftmaster LMZ – 3 Positions 
STOPA TKL-Twin Tower Storage System with 72 storage locations

In the sheet metal processing sector K+B Apparatebau focuses mainly on small series that have to be processed quickly and at short notice – primarily for own production purposes. To get through all these different orders a large amount of space was formerly required for storage purposes. Supplying material to the existing TRUMPF TC L 3030 - 3,8 kW machine required a lot of in-house transport time, causing cost-intensive idle and downtimes.

For this reason, over five years ago the idea raised to retrofit the existing TRUMPF TC L 3030 – 3.8 kW – known as the TRUMPF „workhorse“ for its extremely reliable performance -  with a tower storage system. A storage system of this kind from STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH offers optimal storage capacity through its extended height. This system can no longer be handled using a fork truck. After an extensive search and direct contact with the supplier to discuss such an individual solution, it soon became clear that retrofitting the existing TRUMPF TC L 3030 would not be advisable due to its advanced age. A storage system would also not achieve any significant time saving. 

mteg project TRUMPF TC L 3030 and TRUMPF LiftMaster

The question put by the managing directors of K+B Apparatebau was then how to realize a project that would reduce downtimes, simultaneously ensure flexible and fast production reaction times, and additionally provide sufficient storage space for the wide range of raw material? 

The focus therefore quickly shifted to automation. This was followed by the decision to replace the existing TRUMPF TC L 3030 and to invest in a new machine.

Because the production is primarily for the company’s own use its was obvious that the purchase decision would be for a pre-owned machine. “The benefits of a new machine do not outweigh the cost of the investment” Mr. Kirchhofer said during an interview. And because there had been no negative experience with pre-owned hand machines, there were no reservations about buying another used machine tool. 

“mteg was at the right place at the right time.” Kirchhofer laughs. “And the close proximity also spoke in their favour.”

A TRUMPF TC L 3050 - 5 kW to replace the existing machine, automated with the 3-position Liftmaster LMZ and the STOPA Twin Tower TKL storage system with 72 storages locations, set up on the basis of a pre-owned TKL storage system with 43 storage locations. All components from a one-stop supplier. Also all services, such as machine transportation and installation, integration of the individual components and operator training.

mteg’s technical managing director Harald Kunz boasted the expertise that was required for such a project that involved pre-owned machinery. As a member of the TRUMPF workforce for many years he has valuable experience in the field of automation for punching / laser and combination machines. It was therefore possible to quickly establish the business partnership between K+B Apparatebau and mteg. 

The delivery and installation of the machine were a prerequisite. Mr. Kirchhofer attached utmost importance to coordination of the comprehensive project through a general contractor. All issues would be agreed with just one contact person in charge of all aspects of the project. 

„My expectations towards mteg were satisfied in full. Communication was smooth and the feedback was always prompt. It was actually more than one would expect”, Kirchhofer added after the final acceptance. He hopes that any occurring problems will be resolved without delay. “In this respect, I am absolutely sure that everything will run smoothly."

The entire system is working well and the machine operators are clearly very proud. With the material supplied by the TKL storage system and the machine loaded using the TRUMPF Liftmaster a definite reduction in idle time is achieved. The time saved can be used efficiently. The production can still react flexibly and quickly to any incoming orders. 

One of Mr. Kirchhofer’s visions has now been fulfilled through the “new” TRUMPF TC L 3050-5 kW. With its optional “RotoLas” function the machine can also process tubes. This is constantly a topic in container construction.  “Originally the decision was to buy a machine that did not necessarily feature RotoLas. But it is excellent that this machine has this option. This means that we will now be able to explore new innovative avenues in the future.“