mteg Projejt TRUMPF TC 5000 R - 1600 inclusive SheetMaster, TrumaTool 40, SortMaster R4, GripMaster, TwinCart
With the 2nd purchase of a used TRUMPF machine another satisfied customer

TRUMPF TC 5000 R - 1600
TRUMPF SheetMaster, TrumaTool 40 and SortMaster R4 as well as Retrofit of a GripMaster and Duplex cart unloading (TwinCart)

Igor Kostolani, managing director of Martus s.r.o., Slovakia in an interview with mteg:

Mr. Kostolani, why did you once again choose mteg as your supplier for a TRUMPF sheet metal machine?

That's a very simple question - the satisfaction from the previous business. mteg keeps its word, delivers the machine in time and the technical condition of the TRUMPF machine was perfect again, as expected.

mteg project TRUMPF TC 5000 R - 1600 FMC

What advantages does the new "used" machine have for your company?

Very clear, the fast delivery.
You don't have to wait more than three quarters of a year for a new machine. In my opinion, older machines also have fewer failures than new ones. In addition, for me, a very important reason is that you have to make a smaller investment. This also reduces the risk for your new business and upcoming projects.

Would you recommend mteg and if yes, why?

This question is also very easy to answer.
In any case, I would recommend mteg.
Simply for the reason of satisfaction from both completed projects (TRUMPF TruPunch 3000 - 1300 FMC and TC 5000 R - 1600 FMC)

What advantages do you see in the cooperation with mteg?

As I said before, the fast delivery. Besides, I always know what I can expect for my money.

mteg always puts their cards on the table.

We are explained in detail in which state the machine is and under what conditions we buy.

We are firmly convinced that mteg would always inform us if something is not working properly on a TRUMPF sheet metal machine.

Thank you very much, Mr. Kostolani.
We are looking forward to our next exciting and cooperative project.