Technical Consulting:
Consulting . Planning . Implementation

mteg Technical Consulting company building customer


In the beginning the basic idea of Mr Befuss, managing director of the company Befuss Modell- und Formenbau, was the optimization of the production processes by providing his employees with an automated machine.

When loading and unloading the machine, the physical stress should be reduced.

Therefore, he was interested in a 2D laser cutting machine TRUMPF TruLaser 5040 - 5 kW, which he discovered on the website of mteg during research on the Internet. On the occasion of this project he made his way to mteg at the beginning of August 2015 to get to know the premises and the respective responsible managers. Already the first impression convinced Mr. Befuss of mteg.

He was immediately impressed both by the overall concept and the contact persons. Thus, follow-up appointments at other comparable companies were not able to dissuade Mr. Befuss, to choose mteg.

mteg consulting concept TRUMPF

During the first technical consultations, however, it turned out quickly that the new purchase of the desired machine would be rather unprofitable for his company. In order to realize Mr. Befuss project of productivity increase, an initial planning of the overall project was essential.

All necessary components for process optimization have been examined and planned in detail. Subsequently, all conditions were documented in a project plan.

The result

mteg consulting dismantling TRUMPF TLC 6005 - 3,2 kW

The dismantling of the 3D laser machine TRUMPF TLC 6005 - 3.2 kW was completed in the first step in order to make room for the 2D laser machine TRUMPF TC L 4050 - 5 kW.

In order to use the existing spatiality of ideal, the 2D laser machine TRUMPF TC L 4050 - 5 kW was relocated within the building and rotated by 180°.

In addition, the machine was modified from left to right installation.

mteg consulting TRUMPF TC L 4050 relocation

In order to design a better ergonomic and physiological workplace for the employees, the connection of a LiftMaster including loading station and unloading cart was completed.

The machine relocation of the TRUMPF TLC 6005 - 3.2 kW was carried out in cooperation with the globally active company Scholpp Montage GmbH.

mteg technical consulting TRUMPF TruBend 5085

In order to stay within the available space, the cabin housing has been respectively adapted and shortened.

The relocation of the bending machine TRUMPF TruBend 5085 was performed as the last step of the process optimization.

Last but not least, customer satisfaction was in focus after successful completion of the project.

Course of the project


  • On-site consultation
  • Review of current situation
  • Preparation of shop floor layout
  • Development of project plan
  • Technical clarification of required materials and components
  • Provision of materials
  • Organization of crane and freight forwarding
  • Organization of Scholpp Montage GmbH
  • TRUMPF TLC 6005 - 3.2 kW:
    Dismantling, relocation, individual customization (i.e., shortening of cabin housing), installation,   commissioning, acceptance, test workpiece
  • TRUMPF TC L 4050 - 5 kW:
    Dismantling, relocation, individual customization (i.e., 180° rotation, modification from left to right   installation, connection of LiftMaster, cutting and laying of travel rails, connection of loading station   and unloading cart), commissioning, acceptance of test workpiece
  • TRUMPF TruBend 5085:
    Dismantling, relocation, installation, commissioning, acceptance test workpiece



  • Media connections for air, electricity, gas, and network
  • Foundation works