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Relocating and moving your TRUMPF sheet metal processing machines

The machine relocation is an important pillar in services. Moving a company or relocation of machines represent one of the biggest challenges in production. A relocation must be carried out quickly and smoothly, in order to minimize the interruption of the core business - the metal and sheet metal processing - and the associated loss of production.

mteg TRUMPF relocation and moving project management with project manager
  • Central contact partner for your project
  • On site visit / inspection
  • Project management / project plan
  • Provision of transport devices and accessories for dismantling and installation
  • Transport and hook load insurance
mteg relocating and moving your TRUMPF dismantling, organization of crane and transport, removal, loading
  • Dismantling
  • Organization of crane and transport
  • Removal
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Transport to new location
mteg TRUMPF relocation, movement, commissioning
  • Marking the footprint
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operator and software training, as required
  • Follow-up maintenance, if required
  • Follow-up technical refurbishments, if required

In Detail

We accompany you in this project and ensure a rapid implementation with the lowest possible effort. This requires comprehensive and accurate planning. For this it is essential to review the situation on-site.

On the occasion of this appointment, we will arrange the necessary work steps, responsibilities and resources within the creation of a project plan.

The project plan defines exactly who is carrying out a certain step at a certain point of time.

The execution is done by our service technicians on the basis of check lists.

As soon as the relocation or move of a TRUMPF machine is ahead, fast and smooth planning is required. Here a dedicated contact person in service will assist you during the execution of the project.

The actual implementation is done by our service technicians, who use only the special tools.

As a result, you have less downtime and after all a perfectly functioning TRUMPF machine again at your disposal.