Technical refurbishment
of your used TRUMPF machine

Prior to the purchase of a machine, we carry out a first technical inspection on site.
On the basis of a check list, we note the current state of the machine.
After the purchase, our experts will then plan dismantling, transport and logistics.

Delivery of the used TRUMPF machine

mteg technical refurbishment of your used TRUMPF machine
  • Delivery to our refurbishing shop
  • Unloading of the TRUMPF machine with special transport accessories
  • Overhead crane 25 tons
  • Detailed incoming goods inspection

Professional cleaning

mteg technical refurbishment TRUMPF machine with professional cleaning
  • Disassembly of the housing parts
  • Cleaning the basic machine with high-pressure steam cleaner
  • Cleaning all small parts by hand
  • Intense cleaning of cables and control cabinets
  • Individual cleaning of compact dust extractor
  • Refurbishment of control panel

Technical refurbishment

mteg technical refurbishment TRUMPF according to refurbishment check-list
  • Refurbishment check-list with up to 200 points
  • Maintenance of the used TRUMPF machine
  • Replacement of wear parts
  • Replacement of lubricants
  • Replacement of deficient and defective components
  • Settings according to specifications
  • Customer acceptance by running test programs and measuring 

In Detail

Required special tools and special transportation accessories will be provided by us, so that no major expenses arise at our customer’s.

In accordance with the special dismantling instructions of the machine manufacturer TRUMPF, the machine is dismantled and loaded for transport by our trained service technicians.

After arrival in our workshop hall the machine will be first dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. In addition to the use of a steam cleaner, a lot of machine parts will be cleaned by hand, to prepare it optimally for the subsequent technical revision.

Within the technical revision all the necessary settings are checked according to specifications and all defective and broken parts are replaced.

Finally, various test programs are run. If the machine passes this test, the technical review can be completed successfully. Thus we can ensure the delivery of a technically faultless used machine.